About us

Our story

Ger Collection LLC is a family business that was founded in 2008. Our founder Ch. Tugsbaatar and his wife J. Delgermaa had many years of import experience beforehand. After extensive business experience, they decided to embark on a journey of  sustainable industry in Mongolia. Using Mongolia’s natural resources, our factory manifactures eco home products such as  wool socks, felt slippers, rugs and mats. Today, we have 20 employees and produce 2000 pair of socks and 50 felt slippers everyday. We value high quality, handmade products over quantity. Our felt slippers, rugs and mats are made by our Mongolian artisans. Currently, we sell 65 percent of our final products in Mongolia and 35 percent of our final products internationally. In the upcoming years, we aim to increase our export rates.


Our values


Our raw materials are result of thousands of years of Mongolian herding and grazing practices.
Our products don't have any toxic chemicals and highly recyclable.

Social awareness

As a social enterprise, we invest in non-profit works such as planting trees and helping out Mongolian youth.

High quality

We give high importance to the quality of our products. Therefore the choice of our raw materials, our factory process are controlled at every level.

Unique designs

Our products are unique and handmade. Each product is a result of long hour dedication of our artisans .

Our process

Raw materials

We buy our raw materials and yarns from our well-known yarn factory in Mongolia. We select the finest raw wools for our felt products and yarns for our wool socks.

Manifacturing process

Our manufacturing process starts with washing our materials and spinning them in our machines. Then our artisans make our felt products fine.

Quality control

We check the quality of our products and finest

Final stage

We package our products.